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China-UK PhD placement programme

To meet the needs of sustainable development, PhD student Yu Zhou, who is studied from Prof. Ning Dezhi at the Dalian University of Technology (DUT), participated the China-UK PhD placement programme. As an international student, Yu studied in the Renewable Energy Group of the University of Exeter`s Cornwall Campus for five months from August to December. Prof. Lars Johanning, who leads the Renewable Energy Group, guided Yu`s research on the hydrodynamics of an OWC wave energy converter integrated onto a monopile structure. Based on the experimental data, Yu applied a High Order Boundary Element Method (HOBEM) to simulate the wave interaction with the integrating system. A journal paper has been finished and subjected to a top journal “Coastal Engineering”. Another study on the performance of a dual-chamber oscillating water column wave energy converter was completed, and it has been accepted by another top journal “Applied Energy” with the DIO: 10.1016/j.apenergy.2019.114252. The China-UK PhD placement programme is a wonderful opportunity for both the technical exchange and the individual development.

Research outcome:

“Yu Zhou, Dezhi Ning, Wei Shi, Lars Johanning, Dongfang Liang, Hydrodynamics of an OWC wave energy converter integrated onto a monopile structure” (under review)

“De-zhi Ning, Yu Zhou, Robert Mayon, Lars Johanning, Experimental investigation on the hydrodynamic performance of a cylindrical dual-chamber Oscillating Water Column device, Applied Energy 2020, 260:114252”