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  • Emmanuel Oladokun

Emmanuel Oladokun

My name is Emmanuel and I am an engineering student at the University of Oxford. I was born in Ibadan, Nigeria and grew up in Lagos. At 6 years old, I moved to Manchester, UK with my family and continued my education in what seemed to be a brand-new world. I have always been interested in engineering and its potential for positive impact, this led to a determination to study it at university from a young age.

In my second year, I searched for summer work with numerous companies due to a desire to experience engineering outside of a syllabus. I mentioned this to my tutor who made me aware of the EPSRC Vacation Bursary. I realised what a fantastic opportunity it would be to take part in engineering research, especially in a field as key to the future as renewable energy.

Since I’ve started my Internship, I’ve really enjoyed it and I’ve found myself being constantly pushed and challenged not only by my tutor, but also by the post-docs I’ve been working in a team with. My role has been to perform preliminary calculations on the structural dynamics of offshore wind turbines due to the loading of waves. Through this, I have been exposed to a variety of techniques for analysing water waves from harmonic decomposition using phase manipulations to signal processing techniques such as Hilbert Transforms and FFT (Fast Fourier Transforms). The initial process of becoming familiar with the field and understanding these techniques was sped up by the ORE Summer School and my team members being open to my questions. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity as through this internship, I have experienced real growth and development.