UK & CHN Core - UK & China Centre for Offshore Renewable Energy

Summer School Training and Engagement

Objective: To deliver 5 Summer Schools for ECRs Led by: Lars Johanning


Background and introduction

Residential ‘Summer Schools’ have proven to have shown to be an excellent mechanism for targeted, tangible knowledge exchange and in forming a ‘cohort’ community. Through these programmes, participants attend an intense topical workshop as part of their academic and industrial development. It allows them to be involved and immersed in the latest research activities and capabilities of the UKChina Offshore Renewable Energy consortium. Participants are under academic guidance and close tutoring throughout the duration of the summer school and will be able to build professional and academic networks.

An important aspect is also the sense of community that form the academics, industrial partners and participants, all of which will contribute to the planned summer school program. The planned program has a collection of technical topics at its core, but will also cover relevant contextual topics and international aspects. The tacit learning through the exposure in a different culture (UK/China), as well as the intercultural collaboration is also a key aspect of the summer schools.


Planned program and Structure

AS part of the stakeholder engagment and networking initiative, five summer schools are proposed. They will be managed and overlooked by the University of Exeter and will be planned, organised and delivered by the individual partners, with contributions from the consortium as required/agreed.